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Alli Geller, NP

Alli Geller, Nurse Practitioner aspires to treat the whole person, mind, body and soul. Offering functional medicine programs, primary care services, health coaching. Treatment programs can include nutritional support, exercise support, supplement recommendations, and therapeutic-grade essential oils support as well as pharmaceuticals if needed.

As a nurse practitioner, I aim to provide a loving, safe, accepting healthcare setting for clients to find their answers within. I do believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves if we tap in. I aspire to offer primary care services that provide a sense of being taken care of and not prodded or evaluated. I offer natural choices in addition to pharmaceuticals for treatment options. I allow for time and space to inquire as to the deeper route of physical symptoms.

My journey has brought me here. I am learning to speak my truth, to follow my heart and my intuition, to let go of fear, to self-sooth and to self-love. When I am able to practice this, to be in alignment with my true self, I relish the return of inner peace. While my journey has not been pretty and I am far from perfect, I strive to embrace it all, this messy beautiful life!

Whole Health Medical Institute - Certified Provider It is with great passion and excitement that I am pursuing my dream by creating a loving healing space free of judgement and ample time for this work. It is here that I aim to provide a whole health approach in recognizing illness and disease as an opportunity for gentle inquiry, growth, and healing. I would be honored to work with you.

There is light within us all; may we ignite it and manifest our dreams!


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