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Anion Gap Panel (Electrolyte Balance)
This lab test can be purchased without a physician and drawn at a Quest Diagnostics location. A small draw fee of $ 8 will be applied at checkout. There are no other "hidden" fees unless noted on the lab test.
Currently, NY, NJ, and RI state laws prohibit direct-access testing. This lab test cannot be conducted at lab locations within these states at this time.


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AGAP Blood Test- Electrolyte Panel

The AGAP blood test or anion gap blood test can also be referred to as the AG or AGAP assessment, this lab work analyzes blood to provide doctors with information about acid/base balance in the body.

What do doctors look at with this test? They specifically examine levels of electrolytes like sodium and chloride (which are positive charges) versus bicarbonate (which is negatively charged). Typically, the positives and negatives should be balanced when everything is working properly.

An abnormal AGAP blood test result can signify that there is an excess of certain acids or bases in the bloodstream. If the gap between the positive and negative charges is higher than the normal range of 3-11 mEq/L, it may indicate metabolic acidosis. If the gap is lower than usual, it may point to metabolic alkalosis.

To calculate this gap, lab technicians will measure the exact serum levels of sodium, chloride and bicarbonate in the blood sample. The difference in the measurements will determine the gap. This information can help doctors pinpoint any underlying medical conditions that may be causing the imbalance, like kidney disease, diabetic ketoacidosis, toxin exposure, etc.

Identifying the root cause of the disruption is important, because then physicians can implement appropriate therapies to restore equilibrium and normal pH in the individual. The anion gap is one useful piece of the diagnostic puzzle, especially when paired with additional labs and a full clinical evaluation.

Though it may sound complex, the anion gap test provides doctors with insight into the body's acid/base homeostasis. The results can help guide treatment decisions and allow for better patient care. This crucial laboratory assessment is widely used to detect and address metabolic issues that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Frequently asked questions

Can AGAP Blood Test- Electrolyte Panel be ordered without a doctor?

AGAP Blood Test- Electrolyte Panel can be ordered without a doctor through the "More Details" link.

What does AGAP Blood Test- Electrolyte Panel test for?

AGAP Blood Test- Electrolyte Panel tests for: Anion Gap Panel (Electrolyte Balance)

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