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Lyme Disease and Pandas/Pans
PANDAS and Lyme Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne, infectious disease in the United States with affecting over 300,000 new people each year. Lyme disease and its co-infections mimic over 300 other diseases, fooling doctors into...
What is Mold Illness?
What is Mold Illness? There have been lots of names for this illness over the years, Let start with some basic ideas: this illness is not an allergy. It is an inflammation within the body which is...
Bredesen Protocol
Alzheimer's Disease Dr. Jonathan Goodman, NDDr. Jonathan Goodman, ND
What is the Bredesen Protocol? Alzheimer’s Disease is the result of cognitive decline, which has many causes. Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD (1), a leading neurologist, has taken his over 30 years of clinical and research...
Three Main Causes of Chronic Disease
Chronic Disease Dr. Darren Schmidt, DCDr. Darren Schmidt, DC
When it comes to chronic illness there are 3 main causes you need to understand. But first, typically when we are not feeling well, we go to the doctor with a health problem and they perform some...
High Lactate
Chronic Disease Dr. Darren Schmidt, DCDr. Darren Schmidt, DC


Related Lab Tests
High Lactate When your body uses sugar as fuel it releases 5 waste products.(1) One is called lactate and 75% of the lactate is re-used as sugar again in a healthy body. However, the other 25% needs...
Toxic Mold Symptoms
Toxic mold is not the same as a mold allergy A mold allergy affects the immune system, so when you are exposed to mold (usually a specific type), you have an allergic reaction. This causes allergy symptoms,...
IV Therapy

Health Clinic

At The AIM Clinic, we offer several types of IV Therapy depending on your unique needs. IV Therapy allows for quicker improvements of chronic conditions by providing vastly higher levels of therapeutics...
Toxic Mold & Candida Connection


One of the most frustrating aspects of Candida overgrowth is that it can be very challenging to get rid of. People treating their Candida at home often go on a Candida diet, take antifungal supplements,...
60 results - showing 1 - 10
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