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Articles: Chronic Disease

The first cause of chronic disease is Toxins. The second cause of chronic disease is Pathogens. The third cause of chronic disease is processed food in the modern diet that is filled with sugars and is high in carbohydrates.

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Pathogens Play A Part In Destroying Cells
When it comes to your body there are different levels of pathogens which can produce disease. A pathogen may also be referred to as an infectious agent, a “bug”, or simply a germ. These pathogens are a...
Three Main Causes of Chronic Disease
When it comes to chronic illness there are 3 main causes you need to understand. But first, typically when we are not feeling well, we go to the doctor with a health problem and they perform some...
High Lactate


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High Lactate When your body uses sugar as fuel it releases 5 waste products.(1) One is called lactate and 75% of the lactate is re-used as sugar again in a healthy body. However, the other 25% needs...
3 results - showing 1 - 3

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