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Articles: PEMF Therapy

The FDA approved the use of PEMF: In 1979 for stimulating bone growth. In 1998 for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation. In 2004 as an adjunct to cervical fusion patients. In 2006 for patients with depression and anxiety. In 2011 for treatment of brain cancer. In 2011 for treatment of depression in patients unresponsive to medication.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Health Clinic

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy? PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is an innovative form of magnetic therapy that works by pulsing health promoting energy into the body. When using clinical grade devices, PEMF energy can penetrate...
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People With Lyme Disease Feel Terrible
Category: Lyme Disease
People with Chronic Lyme Disease feel terrible. Imagine feeling exhausted most of the time, having no energy. You hurt everywhere, especially in your joints. The pain can be severe. You may be nauseous every waking minute and eating takes effort. Brain fog is persistent, and you cannot concentrate. Headaches are a daily occurrence, with light and sound sensitivity that...
Toxic Mold Symptoms
Category: Mold
Toxic mold is not the same as a mold allergy A mold allergy affects the immune system, so when you are exposed to mold (usually a specific type), you have an allergic reaction. This causes allergy symptoms, such as a runny nose and sneezing. In contrast, toxic mold is a mycotoxin that is put off...
6 Root Causes of Eczema & How to Treat it Naturally
Category: Skin Disorders
Anyone who’s ever dealt with the terrible dry, itchy, red skin caused by eczema has probably wondered “What the heck is causing this?!” I don’t blame you, it can be incredibly frustrating. And when it’s your child struggling with the painful symptoms, it can be heartbreaking to feel there’s nothing you can do to help. ...
High Lactate
Category: Chronic Disease
High Lactate When your body uses sugar as fuel it releases 5 waste products.(1) One is called lactate and 75% of the lactate is re-used as sugar again in a healthy body. However, the other 25% needs to be cleaned up by the liver and kidneys. If there is a problem with your body’s normal ability to...
How is Lyme Disease diagnosed?
Category: Lyme Disease
How is Lyme Disease Diagnosed? Standard laboratories administer screening tests that fail to detect 51% of Lyme Disease cases. When a trial vaccine was briefly administered in the 1990’s, these facilities omitted important Lyme-specific bands from the Western Blot test. Despite the fact that the Lyme vaccine is no longer available, these bands (numbered 31 and 34)...
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)
Category: Mold
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is characterized by extreme intolerance of environmental odors such as diesel fuel, tobacco smoke, chemicals, perfume, cleaning products, new carpeting, formaldehyde, chlorine, and a host of other odors that plague our modern world. MCS is frequently associated with “sick building syndrome” where the patient has been exposed to a water damaged building and has suffered mold...
Holistic Thyroid Imbalance Treatments
Category: Thyroid
Holistic Thyroid Imbalance Treatments Dr. Schertell and Dr. Mauss may combine one or more of the following: Supplements They may prescribe a custom formulation that contains proprietary amounts of: Selenium - to assist with thyroid conversion of T4 to T3 Zinc Vitamin A, C and...
Category: PANDAS
PANDAS and PANS Raising children is stressful enough. What are you to do if your child develops uncharacteristic behavioral issues out of the clear blue, appears anxious or irritable, starts acting younger than their age, or is displaying unusual food restrictions and other ritualistic behaviors? You might want to have them tested for...

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