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Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND

Dr. Chevalier is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and has practiced in New Hampshire since 2012. His passion is to integrate the most advanced natural therapeutics and conventional therapies to most effectively treat and prevent chronic illness. Ultimately, his goal is to approach each patient with compassionate care and critical thinking so that he can provide the safest and most effective treatments possible.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Lyme Disease (ILADS Approach)
  • Chronic Pain (Non-Opiate Therapies)
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Digestive Health
  • Hormone Optimization

Dr. Chevalier’s treatment modalities include:

  • IV Laser Therapy
  • IV Nutrient Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Ozone & Prolozone® Therapy
  • PEMF Magnetic Therapy
  • LiveO2™ Oxygen Therapy
  • PRP Injections


Dr. Chevalier began his education with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from the State University of New York at Cortland where he was named Most Outstanding Senior in his program. He then completed medical school in Portland, Oregon at the National College of Natural Medicine. Dr. Chevalier has since continued his education through numerous trainings on cutting-edge integrative therapies. He is the only certified Medical Ozone, Prolozone®, IV Laser, and Fiber-Optic Laser provider in the seacoast region.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND taking new patients?

Please contact or call the office of Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND to set up an appointment.

Does Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND offer a free phone consultation?

Yes, Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND Offers a Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation.

What are some health issues patients go to Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND with?

Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND areas of focus:
  • Arthritis
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Digestive Health
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hormone Optimization
  • Lyme Literate
  • Migraines/Chronic Headaches
  • Mold Toxicity, Biotoxin Illness & CIRS
  • Skin Conditions

What are some services offered by Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND?

Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND offers:
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
  • Glutathione Injections
  • High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • IV Laser Therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Myers Cocktail IV
  • Neurofeedback
  • NovoTHOR® Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • PEMF Therapy
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Prolozone Therapy
  • PRP Injections
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Vitamin C IV

Where is Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND located?

Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND is located in
  • Exeter
  • New Hampshire

What clinic is Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND affiliated with?

Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND is affiliated with The AIM Clinic.

Providers at The AIM Clinic

Susanne Clare, MSN-NP-C
Susie Clare is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine. She has extensive experience in Acute Care, Primary Care, and Integrative Medicine. Susie's passion is to help others through both disease prevention and treating the root causes of illness. Susie began her path in healthcare in 1998 after graduating from Northeastern University. She first started at Brigham...

The AIM Clinic

The AIM Clinic
Category: NH
Our mission is to offer the best therapies for optimizing health in a caring and healing environment. Our providers use Integrative Medicine and a Patient-Centered approach to create a personalized plan that meets your unique needs. We look forward to treating you with the comprehensive and compassionate care you deserve! At The AIM Clinic, Dr. Andrew Chevalier and Susanne Clare treat many different types of conditions including, Lyme Disease, Autoimmunity, Digestive Health, Men's Health, and Women's Health.


Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND Reviews

Patient Testimonials


Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND
I’ve been suffering from a horrible disease for around 11 years. I’ve been neglected by doctors for about eight years, told I was crazy, that my disease is all in my head, there’s nothing they can do about it, etc.
When I came to this place I was overjoyed, I’ve cried with happiness because of finding this place.
This medical team is absolutely phenomenal and I would give them five stars and a 110% recommendation. This is something that is saving my life, and I know many other people that have the same experience as I do. They are also knowledgeable and kind and they actually listen to you. The doctor is remarkable and RENEE THE NURSE IS SO AMAZING!!!!
Thanks to this place I’m on my way to getting my life back.
You’re considering going here, definitely do it.

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Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 74
Dr Chevalier and his team have created a very high quality practice over the past year. I am a very well-trained surgeon with very high standards, and have been very pleased and impressed with the quality of care this team provides consistently. Dr C has assembled a very bright and high quality team including Briana, the very bright, competent and professional practice manager, Rene a very skilled iv nurse, and Kacey and two superb phlebotomists, Amy and Summer. Dr Chevalier's focus is on interventions which strengthen the patient's own health and immune system. This approach has been invaluable for my son who has had a complex infectious/inflammatory/autoimmune encephalopathy. Dr Andy's team does numerous iv interventions including iv ozone, and other treatments aimed at building immune health.. Given the range of iv interventions offered, it was important to me as a surgeon to find that this team is very fastidious about sterile technique, and Dr C and Bri are very meticulous about maintaining a fastidious office and infusion setting. Rene is likewise fastidious in her sterile technique in her iv work. Dr Chevalier provides very current and cutting edge interventions, but has always been very conscientious and open about discussing what is and is not currently known, and very specific about his personal clinical experience and knowledge. The AIM Clinic is a very high quality ,thoughtful practice run by Dr Chevalier and a team of wonderful and very bright people.
My son and I are grateful to have found their help in his beginning recovery from some years of a devastating and as yet inadequately understood infectious/autoimmune illness.
5 Stars, for sure, to this great team
Was this testimonial helpful? 51
My story is unique in that my son is a fully fledged orthopedic surgeon, and has pooh poohed the idea of alternative medicine, in particular, the amazing healing that prolozone can provide. I am not a doctor, and make no other claims knowing anything other than my my own experience. A number of years ago, I went to a Boston Hospital because of excruciating pain in my left knee....after diagnosing my condition as osteoarthritis, they basically gave me a knee brace, told me to take painkillers such as Nsaids, and come back when the pain gets unbearable and they would do a knee replacement. I could not walk a block at one point, which my wife and I love to do together in our retirements. My wife then researched online and found out that prolozone treatments might help my condition. Our search eventually led me to Dr. Andrew Chevalier's door at the AIM Clinic. I consider him to be nothing short of an angel disguised as a doctor of naturopathy. I say that having been to many doctors in my life, and have found him to be incredibly knowledgeable as well as patient, kind, considerate, concerned, etc....
I could go on and on, seriously.....he is also knowledgeable in many other modalities, but in my case, the prolozone has proven to be a 100% pain free, magical modality that has given me back my life in retirement. Dr. Andrew is such a high caliber human being that every time I have been treated by him, I feel so thankful, so grateful that he is on the planet....
for those of you that are reading this, I recommend Dr. Chevalier with the highest ratings, in all categories.......Best of Health, Jay

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Health Issues

Treatment Performed

Was this testimonial helpful? 33
I went to Dr Andy Chevalier on April 11th of 2018 for umbilical stem cells. I had Aplastic Anemia from Lyme, Bartonella, CMV, and EBV entering my bones. Her I am one month later able to walk, run, swim, no pain except a little left in my neck and back, no seizures or migraines, able to handle an entire day of doing things I love and want to do. I owe him my life. The only thing I wanted to do but couldn’t was take him and the entire staff home with me. Amazingly beautiful souls!!! Niki

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Health Issues

Treatment Performed

Was this testimonial helpful? 28
I've been seeing Dr. Chevalier and cannot be happier. He has one of the top docs I have ever been around and I affectionately call him a "body geek". I came to him as a longtime athlete with severe wear and tear, who was facing double joint replacement surgery. After several months of treatment he has added years to my knees without surgery. To me...he is the future of medicine. Remarkable!

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Health Issues

Treatment Performed

Was this testimonial helpful? 25
I'd heard of Prolozone therapy years ago, + had been putting off treating my torn meniscus since then. When it got bad enough, my choice was surgery or Prolozone. I chose Prolozone treatment with Dr. Chevalier, as he seemed to be my best option (financially, + medically the least invasive). After just one treatment, my condition improved about 60%, and I've just had a second round 2 days ago and it's already another 5 - 10% better. Prolozone feels like a holistic miracle (check out the research online) + Dr. Chevalier is one of the most compassionate, personable, and knowledgeable doctors I've ever met. His staff + treatment facilities are also outstanding. Highly recommended!

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Health Issues

Treatment Performed

Was this testimonial helpful? 21
The best. As in the best. Dr. Andrew Chevalier is simply the best doctor I have ever worked with. He listens, he is profoundly knowledgeable, and very caring. He has helped me enormously with arthritis and migraine pain issues. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

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Was this testimonial helpful? 20
I went from being completely debilitated this winter from many tick borne illnesses acquired while walking the AT to getting my life back by the summer which I didn't think was possible. Highly recommend this clinic!

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 20
Dr. Chevalier is an awesome, kind, caring and attentive doctor. He is an excellent listener and works with his patients to understand their medical condition and to find the best possible resolution to the root cause of their issue. Dr. Chevalier is very passionate and devoted to his patients well-being. He is outstanding at explaining a medical diagnosis, a procedure or the need for medication and the associated goals/benefits that will result. Dr. Chevalier is a LLMD, with a focus on the ILADS Protocol. Dr. Chevalier regularly attends conferences on Lyme Disease to increase his expertise and to provide the most up to date treatments to his patients. Dr. Chevalier NEVER gives up on his patients and works tirelessly to optimize his patients overall health. Thank you so very much, Dr. Chevalier, for providing me with the best Lyme Disease protocol and greatly improving my health! I am forever grateful to you for your kindness, expertise and excellent treatments.

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Treatment Performed

Was this testimonial helpful? 18
Dr. Chevalier is knowledgable and remarkably kind. I first sought help from Dr. Chevalier after Accutane failed to cure my acne. He created a specialized treatment plan that addressed the root causes and healed my skin issues. Most recently, I have been receiving Shockwave therapy to treat my chronic neck pain and TMJ. Every treatment brings immediate relief from the tension and discomfort . I have tried several of his treatment offerings, some of which I had never heard of, which truly is a testament to Dr. Chevalier's dedication to researching and offering the best treatment approaches for his patients. I cannot recommend him highly enough!!!

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Treatment Performed

Was this testimonial helpful? 16
Looking back at the past year, I can say with honesty and certainty that going to the AIM Clinic has been the best thing to happen to me in 2021. I had a minor ski injury that caused torn cartilage and I was told by my orthopedic doctor that my only option was surgery. I went from jogging an hour to only being able to jog for less than 5 minutes, which was disheartening. I am so lucky to have found Dr. Andy, whose use of prolozone injections not only made my knee pain disappear, but in my most recent MRI, the abnormal cartilage was no longer there. I am back to jogging without pain, which seems like a miracle, but in reality I have Dr. Andy's talent, skill, and professionalism to thank. He is an incredible and compassionate physician whose dedication to his patients shines through in every visit. Dr. Andy has improved my quality of life by tenfold and I am not sure a simple Google review can justify that gratitude. Five stars isn't enough. Even all the stars in the galaxy do not seem adequate. I drive an hour and a half to get to the clinic and I would happily drive 100 hours to go there. Every single team member truly is a wonderful person and they create a healing environment unmatched by any other healthcare facility I have gone to. Every time I walk in the doors, I already feel a little bit better. They are just that special.

Treatment Performed

Was this testimonial helpful? 15

Lyme Literate Doctor

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - CFS/ME Doctor

Mold Toxicity, Biotoxin Illness & CIRS Doctor

Chronic Pain Doctor

Digestive Health Doctor

Hormone Optimization Doctor

Skin Disorders Doctor

Cardiovascular Disease Doctor

Arthritis Doctor

Migraines/Chronic Headaches Doctor

High Cholesterol Doctor

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