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Dr. Johanna Mauss, ND, C.A.

Dr. Johanna Mauss is a dedicated Naturopathic Doctor who is well trained in general family medicine with an integrative approach. She emphasizes collaboration with patients to create a treatment plan that works for them while empowering patients through education to create a partnership for wellness. Dr. Mauss has special interest in thyroid and adrenal health, bio-identical hormone replacement, diabetes and other endocrine conditions, medically supervised weight loss, IV nutrient/ozone therapy, infectious disease, GI ailments, and pain management. Dr. Mauss believes good medicine emphasizes prevention, education, and improving the quality of life. She utilizes an array of approaches to care for her patients including but not limited to: botanical medicine, nutrition, joint/musculoskeletal injections, and IV therapy.

Additionally, Dr. Mauss is trained and licensed to practice Acupuncture. She has found it to be a highly effective treatment alone or in combination with other modalities. Dr. Mauss is able to provide this service as standalone or as part of larger treatment plans.

Dr. Mauss has recently relocated to New Hampshire and is currently in preceptorship with Dr. Nicole Schertell to gain further expertise in the management of Lyme & tick-borne illnesses.

Her current areas of expertise include: Integrative Medicine Chronic Pain (non-opiate therapies) Holistic Weight Loss & Simeons Rapid Weight Loss Thyroid and Metabolism Disorders Hormone Balancing GI Disorders Infectious Disease Endocrine Disorders & Diabetes Dr. Mauss’ treatment modalities include: Nutrition Nutraceutical Supplements Ozone Therapy Pharmaceuticals BHRT Acupuncture Botanical (Herbal) medicine IV Therapy Regenerative Injection Therapies (PRP/PRFM, Prolozone, Neuroprolotherapy, others)

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Dr. Nicole Schertell and Dr. Johanna Mauss are naturopathic healthcare providers that have helped restore thousands of patients to wellness at Vibrant Health in Portsmouth, NH. As a leader in Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine in New Hampshire, Vibrant Health offers Alternative & Holistic Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Chronic Disease Solutions, Anti-Aging, IV Infusion Therapies, and Organic Day Spa & Med Spa services for total body rejuvenation. Even patients who have seen other holistic doctors are enjoying breakthrough results and are transforming their lives at our center. Our model truly integrates the best of modern science with the most effective natural treatments. Our doctors practice with integrity and empathy, and GET RESULTS. Being healthy allows each person to live out their lives to their fullest potential.


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Dr. Johanna Mauss, ND, C.A.
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Dr. Johanna Mauss is one of the best health care practitioners in the Seacoast. I went in for chronic fatigue issues and boy did we dig through the problem. She does the most thorough exam and blood work I have ever had as well she is able to connect the dots on issues I didn’t know I was having! If your health is failing you and no one else has been able to figure it out check out Vibrabt health they can pull you back up!

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I saw Dr Mauss for my intake yesterday and she is the BEST doctor I have seen by far!!! I have been struggling with “persistent Lyme” for many many years and I haven’t been feeling well. She has brought hope of remission back into my soul. I had lost a bit of hope and after talking to her, I feel so much better. I love her bright spirit and beautiful light within. She has a huge heart and compassion that I haven’t felt with any other doctor before. She spent 3 hrs going over every detail of my health. Absolutely amazing!!! She is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate, grounded, positive, caring, encouraging and uplifting. She views healing from Lyme disease as multi systemic approach, like peeling away the layers of the onion. I completely agree with her. I’m so lucky to be under her care and I look forward to her direction and guidance on my healing path. She truly is a gifted doctor. I am so lucky!

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