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Dr. Marina Makous, MD
Lyme Literate Doctor
Exton PA

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Dr. Marina Makous, MD 
  • Exton
  • PA

Evaluation and treatment of patients with new onset Lyme, or ongoing symptoms of Borreliosis (Chronic Lyme disease) and other Tick-borne infections; PANDAS and PANS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infection, or and other infectious causes of Autoimmune Encephalopathy).

​Adult Outpatient Mental Health treatment, Integrative Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatric complications of Chronic diseases.

Patients with a recent tick bite or a Bull's eyerash may be scheduled on same day whenever possible, or within two business days.​

Dr. Makous carefully evaluates and treats patients with suspected or known tick-borne diseases, as well as patients struggling with the neurological and psychiatric complications of chronic diseases. In addition, she offers treatment to patients with anxiety, depression, OCD, and insomnia. She provides attentive, individualized medical, psychological, and psychiatric care that enables her patients rehabilitate, heal, and resume their lives.

Dr. Marina Makous completed a two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Lyme and other Tick-Borne Diseases and Neuropsychiatry at the Neuroinflammatory Diseases Center at Columbia University, followed by anAssistant Professorship in Family Medicine/Psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University's Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Center.   InFebruary of 2017, she relocated to the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA to focus on her private practice. She is Board-Certified in Family Medicine.

Publications and Teaching Experience/Conference Presentations/Patient Advocacy::

    • "Conquering Lyme Disease: Science Bridge the Great Divide", by Brian Fallon, MD and Jennifer Sotsky, Carl Brenner, and Marina Makous, MD, Columbia University Press (December, 2017, available on, or directly from Columbia University Press.)
    • “Somatic Symptom Disorders and Illness Anxiety in Integrated Care Settings”, Landa, A., Makous, M., Fallon, B.A. (2016). In Feinstein, R., et al, Psychiatry, Primary Care, and Medical Specialties: Pathways for Integrated Care. Oxford University Press, released April, 2017.

2014-2017:      Lectures to the Family Medicine Residents, Columbia University Family and Community Medicine: Neurological Exam and Interpretation Workshop (2/2015) Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Lecture and Case Presentation (5/2015) Tick-Borne Diseases: Diagnostic Conundrum (3/2016) Assisted in Precepting Family Medicine Residents 2013-2017:      Weekly presentations at the Columbia Lyme Center: Tick-Borne Infections and Neuropsychiatry Seminars, various topics ​ May, 2014:       Columbia University and Lyme Disease Association Conference, Providence, RI: Presenter,   “Treatment-Resistant Depression, suicidality, and Lyme Disease: a Case Report”

Oct, 2014:        International Lyme and Associated Diseases Association Annual Conference, DC: Breakout session presentation: “Klein-Levin Syndrome following Tick bite”

Sept, 2014:      Presentation to the Massachusetts General Hospital Lyme Support group, Cambridge, MA: "Research Updates from Columbia University”

April, 2015:      International Lyme and Associated Diseases Conference, Drexel School of Medicine: Poster session presenter: “Lyme Disease Retreatment Study: 10-year Follow Up”

Nov., 2015:       Panelist in the Panel Discussion about the state of Lyme disease in PA, held by State Senator Andy Dinniman and Pennsylvania Physician General Dr. R. Levine.

May, 2016:     "Neuro-psychiatric Lyme Disease" Topic Leader, Patient Education Conference, Lancaster, PA

Oct., 2016:      Information Session on the State of Lyme Disease in PA, with Senator A. Dinniman

Nov., 2016:     ILADS Conference, Philadelphia: "Lyme Disease and Cognitive Dysfuntion" Case, Presenter

Feb, 2017:     Chester County Medicine Magazine: Diagnostic Challenges in Lyme Disease

​May, 2017:     Chester County Medicine Magazine: Lyme Disease: What Patients and Clinicians Need to Know

May, 2018:    EditorDARE 2B TICK AWARE Information Brochure, PA Lyme

June, 2018:   NBC Interview/News Article: Ongoing:        PA Lyme Advisory Council Board, Member, Organising Committee for the PA Lyme/ILADS 2020 Conference presenter

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Is Dr. Marina Makous, MD taking new patients?

Please contact or call the office of Dr. Marina Makous, MD to set up an appointment.

Does Dr. Marina Makous, MD Treat Lyme Disease?

Dr. Marina Makous, MD is a Lyme Literate provider in
  • Exton
  • PA

What are some health issues patients go to Dr. Marina Makous, MD with?

Dr. Marina Makous, MD areas of focus:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lyme Literate

Where is Dr. Marina Makous, MD located?

Dr. Marina Makous, MD is a Doctor in
  • Exton
  • PA


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Dr. Marina Makous, MD

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Dr. Makous undid 8 years of struggle, frustration and heartache and restored hope in 74 days. I am overjoyed with the results and hopeful again for my daughter's future.

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Our experience with Dr. Makous has been remarkable. My daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease 8 years ago. She was treated with the Lyme protocol at DuPont Hospital and was told that she would be ok. Over the next few years, she declined continuously and was diagnosed and treated for anxiety, then depression and then ADD with only partial improvement. She was a completely different person. We were told by original doctor at DuPont that it was not the Lyme but I just felt like we were missing something. We heard about Dr. Makous and met with her on 2/13/2020. She ordered more detailed blood work and found antibodies for 2 additional tick-borne diseases that were likely causing/contributing to her problems. We didn’t even know the other diseases existed or that anything other than Lyme could be at play. Dr. Makous treated her accordingly and we had our last appointment with her April 27, 2020. She is free of the anxiety and depression and we see hopeful signs of improvement with the ADD. It's astonishing.

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Was this testimonial helpful? 19
Dr. Makous gets 5 stars from me! She is a Lyme disease specialist and is very skilled in mental health. Dr. Marina has been taking care of my family for years now and this review is long overdue. I’m just so GRATEFUL right now because thanks to her my mom was able to sleep through the night after months of suffering! It’s rare these days to meet a doctor who takes her time to understand what’s going on. Because she takes the time, I think she gets to the root of the problem. She was able to help my mom when 3 other doctors failed. I think the others were all focusing on their narrow expertise instead of treating my mom as a whole person. Dr. Marina pulled the different symptoms together (pain, nausea, restlessness, weight loss). Maybe because of her broad training, she is very knowledgeable about stuff outside Lyme as well. She’s also nurturing, very analytical and thoughtful, and non-judgmental. When I went to her years ago, it was easy for me to talk to her about my symptoms (the other doc reacted as if I was crazy) without feeling judged.
I wish doctors like her were in-network, but that’s coming from someone who’s been getting care from in-network providers with insurance paying. Most Lyme docs don’t accept insurance. Before starting with Dr. Marina, I did check a few others and found that compared to most, her fees are reasonable. Having been helped by her when in crisis, I think her expertise is worth it.

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Was this testimonial helpful? 16
came to Dr. Makous with strange and debilitating symptoms after I had been to a number of other doctors, who were unsuccessful at treating me. I found Dr. Makous’s medical knowledge to be vast and her manner to be warm and nurturing. I am happy to write that under her care, I have been in recovery for a few months now and I plan to stay with her until I am fully recovered. I am so glad I found her! I don’t think I could have gotten this level of care anywhere else!

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Was this testimonial helpful? 13
Dr. Makous is an extremely knowledgable practitioner who cares deeply about the health and wellness of her patients. She is accessible and thorough. Above all, she is caring, empathetic, and trustworthy. I am always happy to refer others to her as I am confident that they will receive the same professional care she has given to my daughter.
Was this testimonial helpful? 8
Dr Makous saved my son when he had Lyme disease. He is now Lyme free. We don’t know what we would have done without her as no other doctor had diagnosed his illness correctly. She has a vast knowledge not only of the treatment of Lyme but also it’s psychological effects. She also never over prescribes medicine. She knows when to give antibiotics and when to stop. My son needed a one month treatment with antibiotics each year for a three year period. After three years his Lyme has now gone. We trust her implicitly as she has proven to be right in her judgements each time.

She also diagnosed my husband with a staff infection when it had wrongly been dismissed as just an insect bite. She has come to the rescue so many times always with kindness and compassion. Her vast array of knowledge has saved the day many times.

When I was diagnosed with Long Covid recently, Dr Makous gave me so many recommendations for supplements and medicines that really helped my symptoms. We are so incredibly grateful to her and value her expertise in having the right tests done each time and her expertise in reading the test results. There is a reason people fly all the way from Europe to see her about Lyme. She is simply the best doctor one could ask for. We feel so lucky to have found such a brilliant and caring doctor. She has literally saved our lives.

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Was this testimonial helpful? 7
Dr. Makous really cares about her patients. She goes above and beyond any I physiatrist that I have come across. I bounced around to doctors for 20 years before I found her. She takes the time to listen to your needs. She isn't a doctor who writes out your scripts and your out the door in 10 minutes. She listens and genuinely cares about her patients as individuals. I like how she thinks outside the box.

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Before I found Dr. Makous, I had gone from being a normal functioning person to nearly bedbound over the course of a few months. I had many visits with other so called "experts" who were unable to diagnose my debilitating symptoms. Dr. Makous was able to use her diagnostic skills to quickly identify that I suffered from a common Lyme co infection. She is the only doctor I saw who actually LISTENED to me. She is easy to talk to and showed me caring and compassion both during my illness and recovery. I can honestly say that I do not think I would be here to write this if it wasn't for her. My family and I are forever grateful.

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