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Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT

Dr. Nicole Schertell is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor who treats both adults and children seeking a natural approach over prescription medications. Dr. Schertell believes that the body is wise and that each person possesses the ability to heal when given the proper support. She will work to identify and treat the cause of imbalance rather than suppressing symptoms, and routinely performs physical exams and laboratory testing to assist with this process.

Dr. Schertell is the Clinical Director and founder of Vibrant Health and has been in private practice since 2008. She has since gained a reputation as an expert in treating Lyme Disease & tick-borne infections. Given that she has personally been impacted by Lyme Disease, she is passionate about promoting public awareness and lectures on Lyme Disease to both doctors and patients nationwide. She is an active member of the ILADS organization (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society).

Dr. Nicole Schertell has several other passions in addition to the above. She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and has extensive training and experience with Bio-Identical Hormones (BHRT) for both men and women. She is trained and experienced in natural-based aesthetic therapies, including PRP Hair Rejuvenation, PRP Facial Rejuvenation (often referred to as a Liquid Facelift or the Vampire Facelift), micro needling, and hyaluronic acid fillers.

Other areas of expertise include endocrine disorders (particularly thyroid and adrenal dysfunction), auto-immune conditions, and GI disorders (SIBO, Crohns, IBS, others).

Dr. Schertell believes that prevention is the best medicine, and this is what lead her to practice the FDA-approved screening technology known as Digital Infrared Thermography. This cutting-edge technology is growing in popularity as a breast cancer screening tool, offering the potential for earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible through breast self-exams, doctor examination or mammography alone.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT taking new patients?

Please contact or call the office of Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT to set up an appointment.

Does Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT offer a free phone consultation?

Yes, Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT Offers a Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation.

What are some health issues patients go to Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT with?

Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT areas of focus:
  • Acid Reflux (GERD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME)
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Health
  • Fibromyalgia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Leaky Gut
  • Lyme Literate
  • Migraines/Chronic Headaches
  • Mold Toxicity, Biotoxin Illness & CIRS

What are some services offered by Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT?

Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT offers:
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
  • Glutathione Injections
  • IV Therapy
  • Myers Cocktail IV
  • Ozone Therapy
  • PEMF Therapy
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Prolozone Therapy
  • PRP Injections
  • Thermography
  • Vitamin C IV

Where is Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT located?

Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT is located in
  • Portsmouth
  • New Hampshire

What clinic is Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT affiliated with?

Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT is affiliated with Vibrant Health Natural Medicine.

Does Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT offer telehealth?

Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT offers telehealth in the following location(s):
  • New Hampshire

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Vibrant Health Natural Medicine

Vibrant Health Naturopathic Medical Center
Category: NH
Dr. Nicole Schertell and Dr. Johanna Mauss are naturopathic healthcare providers that have helped restore thousands of patients to wellness at Vibrant Health in Portsmouth, NH. As a leader in Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine in New Hampshire, Vibrant Health offers Alternative & Holistic Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Chronic Disease Solutions, Anti-Aging, IV Infusion Therapies, and Organic Day Spa & Med Spa services for total body rejuvenation. Even patients who have seen other holistic doctors are enjoying breakthrough results and are transforming their lives at our center. Our model truly integrates the best of modern science with the most effective natural treatments. Our doctors practice with integrity and empathy, and GET RESULTS. Being healthy allows each person to live out their lives to their fullest potential.


Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT Reviews

Patient Testimonials


Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT
Honestly, Dr. Scherell was my last stop. After years of being passed around, I had one foot in the grave. I could barely function. Today my life is so different. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2013, Dr. Schertell started treating me. She has done for me what no other doctor could do. She is very smart and I love her dedicated staff. I owe them my life.

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Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 49
A lot of people say that you cannot "cure" Lyme disease, but I have been Lyme symptom free for over 7 months now. I am now focusing on healing my body and balancing hormones. Dr Shertell saved my life!

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Was this testimonial helpful? 45
I am a 20 year old male with Aspergers and Lyme Disease. I first met Dr Shertell 2 years ago really having a horrible time of it. Having lots of issues socially and physically. Nicole did quite a few tests that helped with the proper way to treat my issues. I have to say I feel so much better. I believe my Lyme is gone and my Aspergers is being managed with a natural remedy. She is a great person who cares about her patients. Thank you for listening and caring about me the way you do. Your the Best

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Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 26
I was on statins, and 2 types of high blood pressure medications as well as anti acids for years and beginning to have borderline elevated blood sugar. I wanted to be off these medications due to side effects and I was told by multiple doctors that there is no way to get off them because heart disease was in my family and genetic. After being a patient of Dr. Schertell, she had my cholesterol levels down to normal, my blood pressure down to normal and my blood sugar is no longer an issue. I can digest normally now too! I am no longer on any medications and have never felt this good in years!!
Was this testimonial helpful? 26
I went to Dr Nicole Shertel for my thyroid after years of symptoms and no one would acknowledge I had an imbalance. She did blood tests and then explained the results like no other doctor had ever taken the time to do. I always leave with a better understanding of my body, and I love that. Not to mention I feel so much better. She definitely knows her stuff along with being very kind. I share her info with everyone.

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 17
After being to many doctors, including naturopathic doctors, I was referred to Dr. Schertell by a friend who raved about her experience. She is an incredible diagnostician, and was the ONLY doctor who could figure out what was wrong with me after 11 years of searching! I felt she was such a caring doctor who really listened. Even though I could tell it was a busy office, she spent extra time with me to address my questions, and I didn't feel rushed. The staff was also caring and went over my treatment plan with me in detail to make sure I understood the complicated plan that she typed for me. After 5 months of treatment, I am feeling better than ever. I highly recommend her and it's worth the wait to get in to see her, otherwise I could have gone 10 more years before finally getting the treatment I needed!

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Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 17
So I have been seeing Dr. Schertell for years, and she has been so helpful to me with my issues with chronic lyme, that I now have all three of my children in her care as well, for everything from Lyme to acne, to generalized anxiety disorder, to Iron deficiency anemia, to PMS, migraine headaches, heavy metal detox, and thyroid issues. SO much more helpful than my previous primary care physician!!! And she is the sweetest most caring person!

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Was this testimonial helpful? 15
Dr. Schertell has helped me get my life back. I began seeing her when I was very ill and no Dr. was able to diagnose me. I saw her and after some testing she found I had Lyme Disease and co infections, she started me on antibiotics and natural supplements and I started feeling so much better. Dr. Schertell has stuck by me through so much, I consider her much more than just my Dr. she has gone far and above what any other Dr. would ever do for a patient. She saved my life literally!! Best Person!

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Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 13
I had undiagnosed Lyme Disease for a year. Was so sick and no Dr would believe I had Lyme. I went to Dr Schertell, and got a positive Lyme test. She put me on antibiotics and natural meds. I no longer have Lyme and feel like I have my life back. Dr Shertell is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is my Dr for any issue I have. I trust and love her like family. I can honestly say if I had not met her, I may not be here today . Her knowledge for my Lyme and other health issues is out standing. I trust her with my life. I have recommended her to many many friends and colleagues.. They all feel the same way. They thank me every time I see them
Thank you Dr Shertell for giving me my life back

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Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 13
Smart and dedicated. I do believe that she saved my life. So many doctors missed signs and just told me I was perimenopausal. I have Lyme disease which Dr. Schertell diagnosed and is treating. She also found a parathyroid issues which 3 other doctors missed for years! I am feeling so much better and I'm so grateful. I prefer her to ANY other doctor.

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 12
When all other "mainstream" docs left us without care for Lyme disease, I turned to Dr Schertell. I don't know where I would be without her! She SPENT TIME LISTENING to me, something that "typical" docs seem to no longer do. She was thorough, caring, knowledgeable and most of all- treated me effectively for my lyme, which has not reared it's ugly head now for over three years! She also treated 3 other family members and we all are doing fantastic. We have learned so much along the way. Thank you SO much Dr Schertell and staff. We owe you our lives- LITERALLY.

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Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 10
Dr. Schertell diagnosed me with Lyme Disease. My symptoms were unbearable and I was truly ready to give up. Dr. Schertell is easy to talk to and understood my pain and how to treat it. A treatment plan was set up for me which I followed faithfully. My quality of life has improved so much. I can't thank her enough for what she did for me. I am now leading a normal productive life again because of her compassionate care. I highly recommend Dr. Schertell . She is amazing and she has a very helpful office staff.

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 9
I can't begin to thank Nicole enough for helping me with a multitude of hormonal issues and helping me get my life back. From the moment you meet her you know you are in good hands. Her initial consult was approximately 2 hours and she asked so many questions to not only know what was causing me concerns, but even through this discussion she found symptoms that I may have thought weren't related to be one of the "puzzle pieces" that we needed to consider. Three years later I am such a different person (although it didn't take 3 years to treat me ... I started feeling better immediately when working with Doctor Schertell)
Although only in her mid 30s she is honestly one of the smartest doctors i have ever met! I have recommended many, MANY friends and colleagues to her along with my future daughter-in-law who was experiencing some auto-immune symptoms that no other doctor could treat or understand. If you're looking for someone who cares, who will treat you well, and who really knows her stuff ... look no further! :)

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 8
I am feeling so much better thanks to Dr Nicole Schertell! She hit the nail on the head with my thyroid disorder. I am feeling like a new person In just 6 weeks. Highly recommend this office

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 7

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