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Grassroots Functional Medicine 
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About Our Practice

Through his experience of treating people from around the world, Dr. Seth Osgood and his team at GrassRoots Functional Medicine achieve remarkable patient outcomes utilizing a holistic approach that addresses the root causes of imbalance and dysfunction.

Looking Beyond the Numbers

Your lab results are the “result” of your dietary choices, lifestyle habits, daily routines, body movement practices, sleep schedule, and other environmental factors. We go beyond treating numbers on a piece of paper. Our objective is to identify what your contributing factors are so that we can partner together to create a personalized, whole health strategy.

Root Cause Resolution

Unlike traditional doctors, our care team always focuses on root cause resolution – isolating the key imbalances that are responsible for virtually all the symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

Also known as Functional Medicine, we seek to give you solutions, not more temporary Band-Aids to cover up the symptoms (or treating side effects of drugs with even more drugs).

Innovative Treatments

Did you know that it takes on average 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into the standard of care? At GrassRoots Functional Medicine, we are deeply committed to shortening that lag.

We are lifelong learners, continuously upgrading our wisdom through sharing best practices and seeking out innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to help our patients achieve their health goals.

Personalized Care

No patient is exactly the same, and yet there are foundational elements that need to be met to achieve optimal health. Guided by our team, we will get to the root cause of your disease – using diagnostic tests that your current doctor may not even know about.

We’ll explore your situation holistically, uncovering a variety of mediators in your home, at work, and your mental state to arrive at a “lifestyle prescription” that puts you back on the road to health.

The Philosophy That Drives Us

The philosophy that motivates everyone on our care teams at GrassRoots Functional Medicine is pretty simple:

“Do whatever it takes to effectively, comfortably, and safely treat your patient. Whatever that ‘whatever’ is.”

Dr. Osgood founded GrassRoots Functional Medicine on the belief of participatory care where the patient is an instrumental partner in returning their body back to health (or keeping it healthy). And that it’s not about pre-determined ideas about a diagnosis without a full understanding of a patient’s situation.

That’s why the care team at GrassRoots Functional Medicine will leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting to the root cause of your gastrointestinal problems. In fact, the medical community finally realizes that all disease starts in the gut, and without taking the gut into account, no autoimmunity and inflammation processes can’t be addressed at the root cause.

We will integrate findings from the most recent research along with literally decades of knowledge that our team has accumulated. As it is stated in our Core Values of Care, you will always be first in line for innovative, integrative treatment methods that combine the best of Natural and Conventional medicine.

Frequently asked questions

Is Grassroots Functional Medicine taking new patients?

Please contact or call Grassroots Functional Medicine to set up an appointment.

Does Grassroots Functional Medicine Treat Lyme Disease?

Grassroots Functional Medicine offers Lyme Disease treatment in
  • West Lebanon
  • NH

Does Grassroots Functional Medicine Treat Mold Toxicity?

Grassroots Functional Medicine offers Mold Toxicity treatment in
  • West Lebanon
  • NH

What are some health issues patients go to Grassroots Functional Medicine with?

Grassroots Functional Medicine areas of focus:
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME)
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Health
  • Lyme Literate
  • MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome)
  • Mold Toxicity, Biotoxin Illness & CIRS
  • Skin Conditions
  • Thyroid Health

What treatments does Grassroots Functional Medicine offer?

Grassroots Functional Medicine offers:
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy

Where is Grassroots Functional Medicine located?

Grassroots Functional Medicine is located in
  • West Lebanon
  • NH

Does Grassroots Functional Medicine offer telehealth?

Grassroots Functional Medicine offers telehealth in the following location(s):
  • Florida
  • New Hampshire
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Vermont

Does Grassroots Functional Medicine offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Grassroots Functional Medicine offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in
  • West Lebanon
  • NH

Does Grassroots Functional Medicine offer Infrared Sauna?

Grassroots Functional Medicine offers Infrared Sauna in
  • West Lebanon
  • NH

Providers at Grassroots Functional Medicine

Dr. Seth Osgood DNP, FNP-BC, EMT-P, IFMCP
Dr. Seth Osgood was born and raised in Vermont and moved to Austin, Texas after graduating college. It was there he started his journey in healthcare working in Emergency Medicine as a Paramedic for Austin Travis County EMS. Pursuing further education and an expanded understanding of healthcare, Dr. Osgood attended nursing school and spent several years working as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. After caring for people in the Critical Care setting who had been devastated by the horrific effects of chronic disease, Dr. Osgood was determined to further his involvement in preventative health. He completed his Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner and went on to earn his Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP). Dr. Osgood discovered early in his career that Functional Medicine was his true passion. It was Functional Medicine that transformed his health, and the health of his family who needlessly struggled for years with digestive problems. He completed his post graduate studies through the Institute for Functional Medicine and is currently an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFM-CP). Dr. Osgood trained and worked under Dr. Amy Myers at her clinic in Austin. It was here that Dr. Osgood cared for patients from around the world with complex chronic health conditions, assisting them in their journey to optimal health using a Functional Medicine approach. Dr. Osgood moved back to New England to return to his home state of Vermont to spread the reach of Functional Medicine. There he founded GrassRoots Functional Medicine and continues to see people from across the country. His true passion is helping individuals build a life that revolves around physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. He is blessed with a beautiful wife and five amazing children. When he is not...

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