How Doctors are Listed

The ONLY way to evaluate”Quality of Care” is the effect on the patients’ health.

Health practitioners listed on RyDocs:

  • come from patients who have had great success
  • look for and treat the underlying causes of chronic diseases and/or fully understand the intricacies of symptoms and treatments with chronic Lyme Disease and co-infections

RyDocs is NOT for people who are looking for some magic pill which simply does not exist.

We are always speaking with patients who have had great success, as well as patients not having such success. Decisions of listing certain health practitioners revolves around this information. Many types of doctors treat patients in different ways.
Listing health practitionors on RyDocs revolves around patient input of obtaining successful outcomes.

RyDocs would not exist without the hundreds of patients who have shared the doctors/practitoners who have helped them most. Many of the patients now…entirely healthy. What method doctors use to treat patients is not relevant, the RESULTS the patients achieve is what matters most.

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How Doctors are Listed

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