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Mary-Beth Charno, RN, MSN, ANP-C

Hello. My name is Mary-Beth Charno and I am an integrative Nurse Practitioner.

And I'd like to welcome you. And to honor you for the courage it takes to be a seeker.

It's likely that you're here because you're not feeling well. Or perhaps you intuitively know there's a different way you wish to engage with your health. And this kind of deeper inquiry is not always easy.  And often there's strong feelings, like fear and uncertainty.

I understand this seeking because I, too knew there was a different way. A different way to practice medicine, and to engage with patients. And I've had to be brave, as well. And to trust my inner voice. For this way of practicing medicine is in contrast to the current medical paradigm of giving a pill for an ill, or promoting disease delusion.

And I do this because I've seen how patients shift when they feel listened to. When interventions are not only pharmacologic, but include food as medicine, or movement, or rest. When bearing witness to someone's story, and designing a care plan which includes the patients preferences can be the most healing medicine.

And this inspires me to continue to practice. To practice self-care so that I can show up whole, and present with you. As well as to continue my studies, for medicine is a both an art and a science, requiring inquiry and scientific rigor, and and to never stop asking the deeper question of "why?"

Mary-Beth Charno, RN, MSN, ANP-C is a graduate of Stony Brook University with a Master’s degree in Advanced Practice Nursing, and Pace University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Mary-Beth worked for ten years in oncology.  She started her career in hospital nursing at the bedside of acute cancer patients; then advanced to Certified Chemotherapy Nurse, treating in outpatient settings at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Monter Cancer Center in Long Island. Some of her most interesting work was spent at an alternative cancer center in Long Island where Insulin Potentiation Therapy was offered to minimize the harmful side effects of full dose chemotherapy. Treatments were tailored to strengthen the immune system and included high dose vitamin C, IV minerals, ozone therapy, ultraviolet light therapy and unique nutritional approaches.

Early on in her career she became Board Certified as a Holistic Nurse through the American Holistic Nurses Association, and this training continues to inform her patient care. She has spoken at many nursing grand rounds, conferences and retreats over the years teaching nurses and organizations the value and benefits of holistic care for their patients as well as themselves.

 Mary-Beth is currently studying for certification at the Institute for Functional Medicine and has become increasingly interested in environmentally acquired illness.


Master's of Science in Nursing:  Stony Brook University 2015

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing:  Pace University, NYC 2005

American Association of Nurse PractitionersCertified Adult/Gerontology Primary Care2015

Graduate of Functional Medicine Clinical Development Program with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, 2018

Ongoing Clinical mentorship with Dr. Joseph Jemsek, 2017

Ongoing Clinical training with Dr. Maurice Beer, 2017

Tick borne/Lyme Disease 15- month intensive mentorship Dr. Richard Horowitz, 2016

Articles written by: Mary-Beth Charno, RN, MSN, ANP-C

There have been lots of names for this illness over the years, Let start with some basic ideas: this illness is not an allergy. It is an inflammation within the body which is caused by an immune sy...

Mary-Beth Charno Integrative Nurse Practitioner

Mary-Beth Charno
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Mary-Beth Charno MSN, RN, HN-BC, ANP-C is a certified nurse practitioner, using the intersect of functional and allopathic medicine to guide your healing journey. One size does not fit all and this can’t be more true than when treating tick borne illness. The treatment journey is nearly as unique as one’s fingerprint. One of the most often prescriptions I write is PATIENCE. This can be a long journey forward. And it is rarely a straight path. It will take time to understand your unique presentation, your particular responses to various therapies; and to begin to recognize patterns. This will emerge only after consistent dedicated therapy. My goal for all my patients is to help you find, and sustain, enduring remission, and to live a life free from the daily migratory symptoms of Lyme illness. This will not be an easy path. And it will take everything you’ve...


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Mary-Beth Charno, RN, MSN, ANP-C
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I can't speak highly enough about Mary-Beth. She was a tremendous help when I was diagnosed with Lyme this past year. Her expertise in the area of Lyme disease and co-infections is such an asset to the healthcare community as it has become so prevalent today. Additionally, Mary-Beth's background in both conventional training as well as functional medicine is invaluable as well. Her approach to treatment not only includes addressing the symptoms of the infection, but she also addresses and supports the whole person. As a result, the common side effects of the treatment were lessened and I tolerated treatment quite well. In addition to her vast knowledge, Mary-Beth's warmth, caring nature, communication, and ongoing support are all part of what makes her such an outstanding practitioner. I am so grateful for her!

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Mary-Beth has been absolutely WONDERFUL to me. She TRULY cares deeply for her patients. She is very thorough and digs deep looking for underlying causes of my many complicated symptoms. Mary-Beth is extremely positive, knowledgeable, and has the ability to listen and clearly explain things in detail. Her follow-up in my care has been impeccable. I would highly recommend Mary- Beth to anyone looking for that rare special care and attention to detail!! Five out of five stars!

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In a time of stress and uncertainty with my Lyme diagnosis, Mary-Beth’s incredibly compassionate and caring approach put me at ease. Her carefully calculated treatment protocol has gotten me safely on the road to recovery.

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I feel so blessed & lucky to have found Mary Beth Charno! After 4 years of battling tick born illnesses, treatments that didn't work, and doctors who straight-up dismissed me, I had reached a place of utter despair by the time I first hobbled through her office door. Right away I felt heard & SEEN with genuine empathy and compassion. Mary Beth has obvious knowledge of the complexities Lyme & coinfections can present and that treatment is rarely "one size fits all"

She has always made time to listen and adjust my protocols according to my specific needs. These are skills that every previous provider I went to seemed to lack.

In only one year with her, I have felt my health make a huge turn around and deep down I know I'm finally getting well. My spirit has gone from utter despair to excitement and hope! Her style of treatment has mended my soul right along with my body.

Just last week I emailed Mary Beth with my most recent exciting 'improvement news' ... guess who felt well & brave enough to try on a pair of ROLLER SKATES??? Yes me, the one who was still relying on a Walker to get around just 2 months ago!!!

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Mary-Beth is a rare find these days. She truly cares about her patients and their overall well being. She is very knowledgeable and takes time to listen. A true gem!!!

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My daughter was a patient of Mary-Beth Charno. Her level of care and compassion were outstanding. Mary-Beth will leave no stone unturned to get to the root of the problem. We highly recommend her.

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