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Mold Gene Test HLA DR

Mold Gene Test HLA DR


At least 24% percent of the population has a genetically induced predisposition to become ill upon exposure to toxins from mold. The HLA-DR Mold Genetic Test evaluates genes that may determine our susceptibility to mold illness.

Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic sinus infections, chronic fatigue, or other types of chronic syndromes? Or maybe you just feel sick and tired and there is no diagnosis!

We share a lot with our family, including what makes us sick. That's because we all inherit genes from our parents that function as instructions inside each of our cells. And that's why many cutting edge doctors in mold treatment say some people get extremely sick from exposure to toxic molds while others don't. HLA-DR genes tell your body to make antibodies to fight toxins. Without them, your body could not remove toxins. Once you're exposed to harmful mold you may get sick and stay sick until you begin appropriate interventions and remove yourself from the offending mold exposure.

Unfortunately, mold exposure is often misdiagnosed and some doctors will even tell you mold illness cannot be diagnosed or there is no such thing! This HLA-DR Mold Genetic Test measures the genes necessary for you to know if you might be susceptible to biotoxic mold illness. Before you accept chronic illness from mold as a way of life – check your genes! Having a chronic illness can disrupt your life in many ways.


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