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Order Your Own Lab Tests

How to Order Your Own Lab Tests

Many Lab Tests End Up Cheaper Than Using Insurance With No "Surprise" Bills

1. Order Your Test Without a Doctor
2. Visit a Nearby Lab (Typically Quest Diagnostics)
3. Review Your Results

RyDocs is partnered with Ulta Lab Tests which allows patients to purchase their own lab tests with or without a doctor and in many cases save a significant amount of money.

Most of the lab tests listed on RyDocs are commonly used by physicians who are listed with us. Many of these lab tests can assist with getting to underlying causes of various diseases and are typically not ordered in “conventional” healthcare. However, it is very important to have a physician who is knowledgeable in interpreting the test results and available treatment options based on the individual patient.

Who may benefit from using these lab tests?

  • Patients who receive "surprise" bills even after insurance coverage for lab tests- often times the prices displayed may be cheaper than the price after insurance coverage
  • Patients without health insurance
  • Patients who want specific lab tests ordered but refused by the health care provider
  • Patients who may want to monitor specific blood markers

Why aren’t some lab tests ordered by health care providers?

  • Practitioner may not be aware, knowledgeable or capable of interpreting the lab test results
  • The lab tests do not fall within the “standard of care”/”guidelines”
  • The health care provider does not know how to address abnormal results or there is no “approved” treatment for abnormal results

Certain lab tests may come back in the "normal" range. Reference ranges do not always mean "optimal." Patients may still experience symptoms in the "normal" range. It is important to speak with a qualified health practitioner regarding lab test results and available treatment options.

There are over 1,500 lab tests available and you can also view all the current promotions/discount codes.