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IV Laser Therapy
IV Laser Therapy Dr. Andrew Chevalier, NDDr. Andrew Chevalier, ND


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Health Clinic

IV Laser Therapy is an innovative treatment from Germany used to enhance healing from both acute and chronic conditions. It was first released in Europe in 2005 after receiving research funding from the...
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Dr. Andrew Chevalier, NDDr. Andrew Chevalier, ND
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (also known as HBOT) is a proven, reliable treatment recognized by the American Medical Association. It enhances the body's natural healing processes by significantly...
Glutathione Popular
At this moment your cells are producing your body’s most potent detoxifier and free radical quencher – the “Mother Molecule” glutathione. This powerful antioxidant is made up of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine that stave off free...
Ozone Therapy
Ozone Therapy Popular
Oxygen. It’s what gives us life. But we can’t always absorb enough of the right type of oxygen molecules to battle contaminants, infections, viruses, fungi, yeast, protozoa, and aging agents that prevail over our best efforts to stay healthy....
4 results - showing 1 - 4

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