Three Main Causes of Chronic Disease


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Three Main Causes of Chronic Disease

When it comes to chronic illness there are 3 main causes you need to understand.

But first, typically when we are not feeling well, we go to the doctor with a health problem and they perform some tests and in most cases end up prescribing a drug.

This is typically what tends to happen, which is why we have developed a mindset that thinks if we take a drug everything will get better and go away.

A classic example is having a headache, we take a few pills and the headache goes away. Therefore we never really work out why we had a headache in the first place. We never realize that the headache could have been a message from our body trying to tell us that something is wrong. This also means we never try to discover the cause that is directly responsible for the headache and instead we continue as normal.

This helps to highlight that there is more than just taking a pill that needs to be considered. Even though taking drugs may be needed – Do they cause any side effects? Sometimes the side effects of taking a drug can start you on a journey to a whole new set of problems. This means if you do have some form of chronic illness then you need to look at your lifestyle and see if you can work out what you have done that could have been responsible for causing your illness. Instead of ignoring any underlying issues, I will give you the tools so that you can make new decisions that will create a new, healthier lifestyle.

To address these underlying issues, let’s first gain a deeper understanding of the 3 main causes of chronic disease that modern medicine sometimes doesn’t initially address.

The first cause of chronic disease is Toxins:

Chemical and heavy metal toxins include substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chlorine, bromine, pesticides, medications, and seed oils (formerly known as vegetable oils). These toxins need to be cleaned or detoxed from the body and the best tools are nutritionally based, not drug-based to clean out chronic toxicity. (1)

The second cause of chronic disease is Pathogens:

These infections can live in our bodies without us knowing it. They hide from the immune system and do not always cause “cold or flu-like symptoms”. They are not affected by or killed by common antibiotics and they can mimic our DNA so that they are camouflaged to our immune cells.

The third cause of chronic disease is processed food in the modern diet that is filled with sugars and is high in carbohydrates.

Seed oils, formerly known as vegetable oils, are highly processed, highly inflammatory synthetic foods that produce disease in our bodies too. Sugar and seed oils combined have contributed to the worst epidemic of chronic disease in history, with global explosions of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

The sugar industry has tried to hide their sins (2) but the seed (vegetable) oil industry is caught red-handed. (3)

Toxicity is a hidden problem that the majority of us suffer from in one form or another.

In our modern world, toxins are present everywhere. They are in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat. More common sources include the fillings in our teeth (4), medications, cleaning products, body care products, and beauty products. (5) And the amount of chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis is endless. Chemicals are in practically everything we touch or smell.

Let’s not forget radioactive elements that persist in our environment from atomic bomb testing and nuclear reactor meltdowns. Yes, these radioactive elements are real and are tracked by governments but never addressed for personal health. Excessive radioactive elements are found in more than half of Americans tap water! (6)

So we are talking about are small particles of metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. You would be surprised how much these metals are used for all sorts of different products and reasons. (7)

These toxins are either breathed in or consumed as our normal food or absorbed through or skin and sometimes they are even injected depending on the circumstances.

All of these toxins are substances in the body that interfere with normal body functions all the way down to the cell’s biochemical reactions.

Too many toxins and chemicals can be a major cause and contributor to chronic illnesses. This is why it’s not all about just taking a pill to make everything seem alright. Even our medications have levels of metals and chemicals that can contribute to toxicity. (8) (9) Even though our bodies may need this medication, there is a lot we can do to help reduce these and other levels of toxins and chemicals to strengthen our bodies and help with the improvement.

What are the symptoms of toxicity? Well, all symptoms could be a sign of some sort of toxicity, especially the full body symptoms such as fatigue or muscle problems. Our job is to become aware of this through symptoms and lab testing and start doing something about it.

When it comes to reducing toxins in the body you need to be aware that they are everywhere. (10a, 10b, 10c, 10d) Children are born with over 200 chemicals. Our bodies are always fighting them, but our cells can become overwhelmed or dysfunctional.

This is why we are starting to see so much chronic illness all over the world. Even our food can be considered as toxic if we are not careful, especially when you consume processed foods. These foods are full of flavor enhancers, preservatives, refined flour, seed oils, and sugar.

The most basic thing to do is reduce your exposure to toxins.

For example, avoiding processed food, toxic cleaning products, body care products, and having clean filtered water. You either remove the toxin from your life or remove yourself from it such as a toxic building.

Another detoxifying practice that I do in my clinic very successfully is to take supplements that are well-designed and researched.

Saunas have also been proven to be very helpful in removing toxins through sweating. Infrared saunas work better than regular heat saunas because they penetrate deeper into the body. (11)

As you start to reduce toxins in the body, all your hormones, enzymes, and biochemical processes of your organs and glands can start to function optimally. When you apply these practices, you start the journey of continual improvement to your health.

All of these toxins that we are being subjected to are interfering with our normal body functions all the way down to the cell’s biochemical reactions.

The excess toxins relative to lower oxygen in the blood create circulatory changes resulting in cell starvation and cell death. This is the lactic acidosis mechanism.

More on this later.

Ketosis is the foundation of detoxification. It mobilizes fat out of storage to be used as fuel. (12) Fat is where toxins are stored and they get released into the blood. The toxins now need to be excreted by the liver and kidneys.

This is why when a person loses weight too fast, they can get sick because they are releasing toxins into their bloodstream that is not being excreted.

Ketosis is done at a controlled speed by the body so a detoxification problem is rare.

Remember, the definition of Lactic Acidosis from 1932 is more clinically appropriate than the modern definition. I have found around 150 symptoms and conditions that are caused or driven by lactic acidosis. But the lactic acid cycle, once understood, helps you understand the mechanism of how your health degenerates. And it helps you understand that the best way to keep your health up is with lifestyle choices, natural remedies from food and supplements, and exercise. And within this guide, I will show you how to prevent it or reverse-engineer it if you have it. Allowing you to achieve the optimal health you desire.

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