Bredesen Protocol



Bredesen Protocol

What is the Bredesen Protocol?

Alzheimer’s Disease is the result of cognitive decline, which has many causes.  Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD (1),  a leading neurologist, has taken his over 30 years of clinical and research experience and developed a protocol (2) for preventing and reversing cognitive decline.  In a newly-published trial (3) of his program, Dr. Bredesen reports 100 cases with improvements in cognition and, in some cases, in imaging and other test results.

Dr. Bredesen has identified subtypes (4) of cognitive impairment, allowing treatments to be customized for each patient.  Dr. Bredesen’s protocol (ReCODE, for Reversing Cognitive Decline) includes testing to screen for and uncover what is causing mental function to become impaired, and treatments to prevent and reverse decline.

Training in Implementing the Protocol

In 2017, I completed training in implementing Dr. Bredesen’s protocol, allowing me to help people seeking ways to slow, stop or reverse the terminal progression of Alzheimer’s disease.  This program is ideally suited for people with early symptoms of cognitive impairment (Subjective Cognitive Impairment or SCI) and the more advanced condition called Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

I have been fortunate to have worked with patients face-to-face in my local area, as well as remotely through videoconferencing, and can happily report preliminary success in preventing, slowing, stopping, and reversing the progression of  Alzheimer’s Disease.  I look forward to being able to publish my own clinical results along with those of other doctors using this approach.

What is Involved?

 For your first visit you will complete a detailed intake form, detailing your general health history, and delving into any possible factors which might contribute to cognitive decline.  These include:

  • Toxic exposures: mold, heavy metals, tick-borne illness, among others
  • Hormonal contributors: hysterectomy before age 41, menopause, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue
  • Head Injuries
  • Insulin resistance and/or diabetes
  • Chronic Insomnia and/or Sleep Apnea
  • Nutrient deficiencies

What Else Can I Expect?

 At the first visit, we will perform a cognitive screening test to help determine your mental status.  We will perform a general physical exam and review your prior labs and history.  Once this has been completed, we can go to the next step.

  • Labs will be ordered to determine ApoE4 status, blood sugar regulation, hormone status, and other levels depending on history.
  • Imaging may be ordered (MRI or PET Scans) to assess brain function.
  • Testing for mold exposure, heavy metal burden, tick-borne illness and chronic infections may be ordered

Then What?

  • Once we have all these results, we can determine what type and severity of Alzheimer or Pre-Alzheimer’s Disease you have, and what we can do to treat it. We will recommend a treatment plan.
  • We may refer you to specialists to better help you with specific issues
  • We may assign you a health coach to help you implement lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise
  • We will plan a follow-up in one month, then another in 3 months, followed by a six-month and annual follow-up. At each visit, we will review your progress, areas of difficulty, and any additional testing we have ordered.

How About Working with Apollo Health?

 I strongly encourage all patients to sign up with Apollo Health to receive their own customized ReCODE Report and have access to Dr. Bredesen’s software. In addition to your visits with my office, this resource will give you the best possible guidance in achieving optimal outcomes.

How Much Does this Cost?

 We participate with most commercial insurances. Your visits will be covered but the time spent preparing for the initial visit (gathering records) will be at an additional cost.   For those with insurances that don’t cover visits, the cost will be $275 for the initial visit (in addition to the fee for gathering records).   If additional visits are needed, they will be charged at $225 per visit.  Additional time with a health coach for more hands-on nutritional guidance is available at an additional charge.  Lab testing will either be covered by insurance or out of pocket. For those having to pay directly for lab testing, we will seek out the least costly vendors offering high quality lab services.

Sources: 1, 2 Dr. Dale Bredesen - Chief Science Officer At Apollo Health 3 Reversal of Cognitive Decline: 100 Patients 4 Six types of Alzheimer's disease and how to identify them

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