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  • Providers who look for and treat the underlying causes of chronic diseases and take patients seriously

  • Providers who do not cover up symptoms and abnormal blood tests with long term medications

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Darren Schmidt, DC
"Best holistic functional medicine Doc in the world. Under his care, my mother is off 14 prescription drugs, has reversed diabetes, hypertension, chronic UTI, chronic Bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis and sleep apnea. She has lost 22 kgs (48.5 lbs.) and is healthier than ever. May Almighty bless him and his staff."
Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND
Health Issues Addressed: Arthritis
Treatments Performed: Prolozone Therapy
"Hi, My story is unique in that my son is a fully fledged orthopedic surgeon, and has pooh poohed the idea of alternative medicine, in particular, the amazing healing that prolozone can provide. I am not a doctor, and make no other claims knowing anything other than my my own experience. A number of years ago, I went to a Boston Hospital because of excruciating pain in my left knee....after diagnosing my condition as osteoarthritis, they basically gave me a knee brace, told me to take painkillers such as Nsaids, and come back when the pain gets unbearable and they would do a knee replacement. I could not walk a block at one point...."
Dr. Charles Crist, MD
Health Issues Addressed: Lyme Disease
"After 22 years of suffering from a mysterious chronic illness, dozens of visits to medical specialists, and years of misdiagnoses, I was blessed to have found Dr. Crist. He listened as I recalled myriad symptoms that plagued me for over two decades, and he promptly ordered the testing necessary to confirm the proper diagnoses that others had missed. His extensive knowledge of tick-borne diseases, his effective treatment plan, and his compassion for those who have been mistreated/neglected by the medical community gave me hope and the chance to reclaim my life. I’m convinced that he, along with his medical staff, saved my life; something for which I will be extremely grateful."
Dr. Myriah Hinchey, ND
Health Issues Addressed: Lyme Disease, Weight Loss & Metabolism
"It saved my life! I have chronic Lyme disease and have suffered for many years until I came here. I had 30 symptoms of Lyme & Co Infections, and now I'm down to 2 symptoms. I've lost 53 pounds and have a ton of energy. A huge Thank You to Dr. Myriah W. Hinchey and her staff."
Debra Muth, ND
Health Issues Addressed: Lyme Disease
"I have been ill for over 30 years! Dr. Muth has successfully given me my life back! She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I have recommended her to my online Lyme support groups and to all that know me. You absolutely have to give her a chance even if you have had years of bad experiences with other doctors. She is the best!"
Dr. Nicole Schertell, ND, CCT
Health Issues Addressed: Lyme Disease
"Smart and dedicated. I do believe that she saved my life. So many doctors missed signs and just told me I was perimenopausal. I have Lyme disease which Dr. Schertell diagnosed and is treating. She also found a parathyroid issues which 3 other doctors missed for years! I am feeling so much better and I'm so grateful. I prefer her to ANY other doctor. "
Dr. Julia Greenspan
Health Issues Addressed: Lyme Disease
"I don't usually write reviews, but feel this one is long overdue. When I first came to Dr. Greenspan I was aware I had Lyme, and was treating, but was horribly sick. She immediately was able to correctly diagnose me with two additional co-infections, prescribed the treatment I needed, and I started feeling better within 2 weeks. I have become very herx-averse with my Lyme, and Dr. Greenspan patiently works with me on this. She has years and years of experience -- which is really needed to properly treat Lyme -- and is extremely knowledgeable and understands how differently Lyme affects different patients. I truly believe she saved my life by correctly diagnosing the co-infections, and am extremely grateful that I found her. I consider her one of the best in the country for treating Lyme and related diseases."
Dr. Lesley Fein, MD
Health Issues Addressed: Lyme Disease
"Typically, I do not leave reviews, however after my experience with Dr. Fein I feel an obligation to do so. Let me begin by stating I have seen many specialists over the years after I was misdiagnosed for 10 years and was bound to a wheelchair. I’m glad I chose Dr. Fein. Not only is her knowledge of this disease unmatched, but she is humble, caring, and listens to your concerns, in fact there are not enough complimenting adjectives in the English language to describe her and her practice. She is a true physician, an intellectual, someone who takes the time to treat you until you are better. She treats patients who have fallen through the cracks of the medical system and takes a risk by doing so. I wish all physicians shared the qualities that Dr. Fein possesses. This is more than a review, this is a way of showing my gratitude towards someone who is giving me my life back. I am forever grateful for...."

Health Articles

Lyme and POTS

Lyme Disease
POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) is a serious complication of chronic tick-borne diseases, and often renders patients bedridden for many months. POTS is generally found in more wome...
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is characterized by extreme intolerance of environmental odors such as diesel fuel, tobacco smoke, chemicals, perfume, cleaning products, new carpeting, formaldehyde, ...
PANDAS and Lyme Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne, infectious disease in the United States with affecting over 300,000 new people each year. Lyme disease and its co-infections mimic ...
People with Chronic Lyme Disease feel terrible. Imagine feeling exhausted most of the time, having no energy. You hurt everywhere, especially in your joints. The pain can be severe. You may be naus...
Exhausted, moody and forgetful patients often come in with this common complaint: “I’m tired, but I can’t sleep, I’m gaining weight like crazy, and my head feels weird.” If you’ve been struggling w...
When it comes to your body there are different levels of pathogens which can produce disease. A pathogen may also be referred to as an infectious agent, a “bug”, or simply a germ. These pathogens a...

Treatment Articles

What are Bio-Identical Hormones? Bio-identical hormones are prescription hormones that are molecularly IDENTICAL to the hormones naturally produced by your own body. At Vibrant Health Naturopathic ...
Though you may have heard it touted as a “hangover helper” in trendy magazines, the Myers Cocktail is so much more. This potent vitamin and mineral solution has been clinically proven to address a ...
What is Blair Chiropractic Method? Blair chiropractic method is a specific chiropractic technique used to analyze and address upper cervical vertebrae misalignments. Specific protocols were establi...
What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy? PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is an innovative form of magnetic therapy that works by pulsing health promoting energy into the body. When ...
What is Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)? Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is blood plasma enriched with platelets. PRP is created using the patient’s own blood which is injected back into the site of injury. ...
It’s a highly effective antiviral medication. A crucial fat burner that improves weight loss and exercise recovery. One of the most powerful vitamins for wound healing. A widely researched and deli...

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