Tryptase Blood Test

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Tryptase Serum
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Quest Diagnostics
This lab test can be purchased without a physician and drawn at a Quest Diagnostics location. A small draw fee of $ 8 will be applied at checkout. There are no other "hidden" fees unless noted on the lab test.
Currently, NY, NJ, and RI state laws prohibit direct-access testing. This lab test cannot be conducted at lab locations within these states at this time.

Tryptase Blood Test

Tryptase Blood Test

A tryptase blood test is an important diagnostic tool that can provide valuable information about potential health issues like allergies, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), and mastocytosis.

What is a Tryptase Blood Test?

A tryptase blood test measures the level of an enzyme called tryptase in the blood.

Tryptase is stored in mast cells, which are a type of white blood cell.

When mast cells are activated, they release tryptase and other chemical messengers that enable allergic responses and inflammation.

By measuring the level of tryptase, doctors can determine whether mast cell activation has occurred.

This can provide clues about mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), potential allergic reactions, and other immune system disturbances.

When Might a Tryptase Blood Test Be Used?

There are a few key situations when a doctor may order a tryptase blood test:

To evaluate severe allergic reactions.

If you go into anaphylactic shock, tryptase levels often increase, indicating mast cell involvement.

To test for mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS).

Many MCAS patients have elevated baseline tryptase levels, even without acute mast cell events.

To monitor mast cell activation disorders.

Diseases like mastocytosis involve the abnormal proliferation and activation of mast cells.

Tryptase levels may be chronically elevated in these disorders.

To check for mast cell involvement in unexplained episodes of flushing, hives, wheezing, low blood pressure, or other symptoms. These could potentially be signs of MCAS.

To monitor response to mast cell stabilizing treatments.

Tryptase levels may be checked periodically to see if the treatment is working to stabilize mast cells.

Interpreting Tryptase Blood Test Results

Normal tryptase levels are generally below 11.5 ng/mL in children and 13.5 ng/mL in adults.

Mild to moderate elevations suggest excessive mast cell activity and are often seen in MCAS.

Very high levels over 20 ng/mL are more commonly associated with systemic mastocytosis.

Tryptase blood test results should be interpreted by your doctor.

Frequently asked questions

Can Tryptase Blood Test be ordered without a doctor?

Tryptase Blood Test can be ordered without a doctor through the "More Details" link.

What does Tryptase Blood Test test for?

Tryptase Blood Test tests for: Tryptase Serum

Where can Tryptase Blood Test be drawn?

Tryptase Blood Test is drawn at Quest Diagnostics without a doctor

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