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Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS 
  • Montpelier
  • VT

People suffering with chronic tick-borne illnesses need a tailored protocol - there is no one-size-fits-all Lyme protocol.  Lyme and coinfections can damage every system in your body, from immune to gastrointestinal to nervous to hormonal.   In order to get better, you need to restore health to damaged systems as well as attack the microbes.  I will listen to your story and develop a plan based on your symptoms and history, and be there to guide you every step of the way.  From the first tick bite to testing to chronic issues with mold, heavy metals, mast cell activation, histamine, POTS, environmental sensitivities, to genetic issues with methylation and detox, she helps you negotiate the road back to health. Doctor Anne offers antibiotic and herbal protocols, testing, supportive therapies, diet changes and in-depth understanding.  She is a member of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society), and did a year of residency focusing on Lyme and other vector-borne disease.

As a naturopathic physician, I work with people to determine the root causes of their illness which can stem from their genetics. environment, nutrition, and lifestyle. I use biochemistry, epigenetics, blood tests and imaging along side the oldest diagnostic technique in the world - listening and paying attention.  Many of my patients come to me with complex chronic diseases that have not responded to conventional medicine.  My goal is to help patients understand what is happening to them and take control of their health through conscious, educated choices. I believe in empowering patients to make fully-informed health care decisions that work for them. I received my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National University for Natural Medicine - the oldest naturopathic medical school in the United States - followed by a year-long residency in Lyme disease. I completed my undergraduate work at Bryn Mawr College and University of California at Berkeley where I earned a BA with High Honors in Folklore.  I finished a 1200 hour certification in massage therapy and bodywork at the New Mexico Academy of Massage and Healing Arts in Santa Fe, NM.  I am currently a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Vermont, (and have an emergency license in New Hampshire for the duration of COVID). I previously had a clinic in Sag Harbor, New York and in Berkeley, California.​

Vitality & Wellness

The core of Naturopathic Medicine -  restoring & maintaining your health. Reversing the trend so many experience, of slipping into worse health and more pain, I partner with you in exploring ways to fine tune your lifestyle and food choices to give you the vitality and energy you remember.  Get your life back!

Mold & Environmental Illness

Over 50% of homes in the United States have mold growth - it doesn't matter whether your home is brand new or over 100 years old.  Mold just needs moisture and a few spores to grow.  For sensitive individuals, the mycotoxins made by molds to protect themselves can have major health consequences, from profound muscle weakness to cognitive decline, even dementia, to problems with clotting that can cause bruising and sometimes stroke.  Mycotoxins also affect your hormones and immune system, making it difficult to get well or making you hyper-reactive to everything around you..  Mold and tick borne disease can form a stubborn constellation of symptoms, and it takes patience and experience to unknot the tangle.  Dr. Van Couvering studies tirelessly to understand this complexity; to that end, she is a Founding Member of ISEAI (International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness) and is in a close mentorship relationship with Dr. Neil Nathan, author of the best-selling book Toxic.


Wellness - keep your child healthy during cold and flu season, learn how to manage a fever and common illnesses, while recognizing more serious conditions and when it is time to call for help Allergies - allergies  can manifest as hayfever to eczema to asthma - there are ways to help your child through his/her reactions and reduce or eliminate the need for high-level interventions and pharmaceuticals Food Introduction - embark on a lifetime of healthy eating habits by starting right Natural Support and Alternatives - if your child has a more serious or chronic illness, there are often supportive therapies that can help build your child back up after months of illness or support his or her immune system through a bad time.  I can also suggest specialized diets and other therapies that help with certain conditions, including autism spectrum, ADD, PANS/PANDAS, Down Syndrome, Lyme disease, Tourettes, chronic reflux, autoimmune disease and more.

Natural Women's Health

Embracing Menopause - natural and healthful alternatives to reduce anxiety, hot flashes, joint pain, bone loss and other symptoms that can make this a difficult time. Fertility and Pre-Conception Counseling - optimize your health and fertility with natural remedies and lifestyle changes Hormonal Balancing  - botanical medicine and lifestyle changes can work wonders for your mood, regulating your menses and reducing the painful periods, weight gain and bloating that can result from a hormonal system that is out of balance. Chronic Conditions - Naturopathic medicine has numerous effective options for conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, recurrent yeast or bladder infections, as well as many others.

Men's Health

Andropause - women aren't the only people who go through midlife hormonal changes.  For men, lower testosterone levels can be a part of the general lack of "oomph" that many men start to feel as they age.  Optimizing your diet and hormones can give you your old spark back, and make you feel years younger (as well as slowing down that hair loss!) Prostate health - up to 90% of men will struggle with prostate problems.  By being proactive and addressing early symptoms, we can minimize invasive procedures and pharmaceutical interventions. Fertility - a father's contribution to the health and vitality of his children are often overlooked, but not by mother nature. If you want to start or grow your family, we have some great ways to make sure you are delivering your best.

Aging Gracefully

Recent advances in science are showing how nutrition and lifestyle affect the likelihood of developing age-related diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson's disease.  Optimize your bone, brain, hormonal and cardiovascular  health.  Aging is not an inevitable fall into pharmaceuticals, pain and dysfunction.  You have the power to make incredible changes and to live vital and pain-free well into your twilight years.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

If you have an autism spectrum disorder, or if your child does, chances are you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed.  The fact is, life with autism IS overwhelming, and finding ways to cope can be hard. Finding a medical professional who understands and has answers for you can be even harder.   As the mother of a grown son with Aspergers, I understand this on a very deep level.  Autism spectrum disorders are not just mental issues, and a whole body approach is necessary for the best outcomes.

I have been researching and studying autism spectrum disorders for over a decade.  I find people with autism and Aspergers to be some of the most valuable and interesting people around. It is not my goal to make them “normal”, but to ease some of the suffering and difficulties associated with being a person on the autism spectrum living in the modern world.  Further, there are some biomedical realities, such as poor gut function, genetically impaired detox pathways, neurotransmitter imbalances and so forth, that impact the lives of those with autism spectrum disorders and can be corrected quite simply with a huge impact on quality of life.

I offer nutritional, herbal, lifestyle and homeopathic support for those with autism spectrum disorders, and work with children, teenagers and adults with ASD.

Many of the ASD protocols are also appropriate for those with family and personal histories of ADD/ADHD, PANDAS & PANS, OCD, Tourettes, depression, and schizophrenia.  I collaborate with psychiatrists (MD) in cases of more severe mental illness.

Other Conditions

  • Gastrointestinal Health & Food Sensitivities and SIBO
  • Pain management
  • Autoimmunity - Thyroid, Celiac, Irritable Bowel, Lupus, Psoriasis & more
  • Eczema, Asthma, Allergies
  • Metabolic Management - Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety and Depression - non-pharmaceutical options

Testing & Services

  • Mold and Mycotoxin testing
  • Igenex and other specialized Lyme and tick borne testing
  • Genetic testing and interpretation for MTHFR and other polymorphisms
  • Organic acid and intracellular nutrition testing
  • Heavy metal testing & treatment
  • Nutritional intervention and counseling
  • Natural detoxification protocols
  • Cunningham panel


National College for Natural Medicine - Portland, OR   Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Advanced studies in

  • Mold and Mycotoxins - ongoing bimonthly mentorship with Dr. Neil Nathan, founding member ISEAI
  • Lyme and tick borne disease (one year residency, member ILADS)
  • Mast Cell Activation/Histamine Intolerance
  • Nutrigenomics (MTHFR and more) with Ben Lynch, ND, Paul Anderson, ND and Bob Miller.
  • SIBO
  • classical ​homeopathy (2 year advanced course with NESH and ongoing biannual clinical weekends)
  • botanical medicine - advanced studies with Cascade Anderson Geller
  • gastroenterology - GERD, SIBO, reflux, IBS, IBD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (MAPS conferences)
  • pediatrics
  • women's health
  • thyroid conditions
  • autoimmune disease​

New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts - Santa Fe, NM  

1200 hour certification in massage  Coursework included Swedish massage, medical massage, acupressure, sports massage, prenatal massage, Polarity therapy (Ayurveda), Orthobionomy, intuitive bodywork and aromatherapy

University of California, Berkeley 

BA with High Honors Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society

Frequently asked questions:

Is Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS taking new patients?

Please contact or call the office of Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS to set up an appointment.

Does Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS Treat Lyme Disease?

Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS is a Lyme Literate provider in
  • Montpelier
  • VT

Does Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS Treat Mold Toxicity?

Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS treats Mold Toxicity in
  • Montpelier
  • VT

What are some health issues patients go to Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS with?

Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS areas of focus:
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME)
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
  • Lyme Literate
  • Mold Toxicity, Biotoxin Illness & CIRS
  • Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)
  • SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
  • Skin Conditions
  • Thyroid Health

Where is Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS located?

Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS is a
  • Doctor
  • Naturopathic Doctor
  • Montpelier
  • VT

What clinic is Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS affiliated with?

Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS is affiliated with Doctor Anne in
  • Montpelier
  • VT

Does Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS offer telehealth?

Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS offers telehealth in the following location(s):
  • Vermont

Doctor Anne

Dr. Anne
Category: VT
Treating People, Not Diseases Doctor Anne provides local Vermont families with healthcare services that span from prenatal to geriatric care. Whether it's a cold that won't go away or a long-term, chronic illness that stumps experts, Dr. Van Couvering is experienced in treating Lyme disease, mold illness, hypermobility, thyroid problems, autism, SIBO, PCOS, MTHFR mutations, PANS/PANDAS and in non-pharmaceutical management of anxiety and depression. She has worked with hundreds of people living with chronic disease and acute illness and looks forward to helping you on your healing journey. Highly Skilled Physician Dr. Anne Van Couvering loves to solve puzzles, and is always learning, never satisfied until she understands why a person is unwell and how to get them better. Her honors-winning intellect and unquenchable thirst for knowledge gives her a deep focus and understanding of the body, medicine, health and healing. ...


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Dr. Anne Van Couvering, ND, CNS
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I started seeing Dr Anne because I had Lyme disease, I was feeling hopeless, sick and needed help. I immediately felt comfortable with her, she was easy to talk to, she LISTENED to me and I was very impressed with her knowledge of tick-borne diseases. We discovered I also had Babesiosis. She developed a plan for me that treated THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM and I eventually got my life back, I feel like she saved my life. I highly recommend Dr Anne Van Couvering, she is very good at what she does.

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 25
I have been in the care of Dr. Anne Van Couvering for several years now, during which time, for a 75 year old, I have enjoyed good health, freedom from (most) aches and pains and significant relief from much of the aging process. I can only ascribe this to her recommendations. When I met her, I was treating a stiff, almost immovable neck, with the “usual” medications, which left me hospitalized; once treated by “Dr. Anne” the symptoms have all but disappeared with diet and non-prescription, simple dietary supplements. She is simply amazing.

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 13
Dr. Anne is one of the most talented doctors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She really listens and cares deeply about people. Thanks to her guidance and support, I feel better than I have in decades! I highly recommend Doctor Anne to anyone looking for a Lyme-literate doctor near Montpelier, Vermont.

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 12
120/80 - this morning's blood pressure! No drugs needed! [NB:A month before, when he first came in, it was 180/100]. My wife still doesn't think you're a "real" doctor, but she's joined in with me on the diet, and we've both lost weight. I'm telling everyone."

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 10
I didn't know what to do. I was hooked on pain killers and couldn't get off of them because it hurt too much. I was in danger of losing my job and family, and was 40 pounds overweight because I couldn't exercise. I didn't believe Dr. Anne when she suggested I might get relief with diet changes, but I really had no other options. Within a month, I was off pain killers, and my weight was down 10 pounds. A year later I ran my first marathon. I had no idea I would ever feel or look this good again. All this just with diet changes. Amazing! Thank you!"

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Was this testimonial helpful? 8
Thank you, thank you, Dr. Anne! My little boy no longer has ugly red scaly patches all over his body. I don't really enjoy the diet but it's manageable, and I love what it did for my son! (Unfortunately, when I cheat, the eczema comes back. Sigh.)

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
Was this testimonial helpful? 5
I started seeing Dr Anne because I had Lyme disease, I was feeling hopeless, sick and needed help. I immediately felt comfortable with her, she was easy to talk to, she LISTENED to me and I was very impressed with her knowledge of tick-borne diseases. We discovered I also had Babesiosis. She developed a plan for me that treated THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM and I eventually got my life back, I feel like she saved my life. I highly recommend Dr Anne Van Couvering, she is very good at what she does.

Health Issue(s) Addressed

Health Issues
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Lyme Literate Doctor

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - CFS/ME Doctor

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) Doctor

Mold Toxicity, Biotoxin Illness & CIRS Doctor

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Doctor

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