Suzanne LaCava, RN
Lyme Literate Practitioner
Saint Charles IL

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Suzanne LaCava, RN 
  • Saint Charles
  • IL

Suzanne has worked as a nurse for over 40 years. She started her career as a trauma specialist in the emergency room. Over the years Suzanne has developed technical expertise in multiple areas, but her calm and caring demeanor continues to be her greatest professional asset.

With a longstanding interest in integrative and environmental medicine, Suzanne began working in the area of functional medicine over 25 years ago. She has credentialing and experience in allergy testing, intravenous therapies, and nutritional counseling.

  • Master’s Degree Candidate at Capital University of Integrative Medicine
  • Graduate of The James Ward Thorne School of Nursing of Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Member of the American Association of Emergency Room Nurses
  • Associate member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine
  • Trauma Nurse Specialist Diploma from the State of Illinois
  • Nurse Core Course certification in Savannah, Ga.
  • Certified by the American Heart Association in

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Basic Disaster Life Support


Frequently asked questions

Is Suzanne LaCava, RN taking new patients?

Please contact or call the office of Suzanne LaCava, RN to set up an appointment.

Does Suzanne LaCava, RN Treat Lyme Disease?

Suzanne LaCava, RN is a Lyme Literate provider in
  • Saint Charles
  • IL

Does Suzanne LaCava, RN Treat Mold Toxicity?

Suzanne LaCava, RN treats Mold Toxicity in
  • Saint Charles
  • IL

What are some health issues patients go to Suzanne LaCava, RN with?

Suzanne LaCava, RN areas of focus:
  • Lyme Literate
  • Mold Toxicity, Biotoxin Illness & CIRS
  • Weight Loss & Metabolism

Where is Suzanne LaCava, RN located?

Suzanne LaCava, RN is a Functional Medicine Practitioner in
  • Saint Charles
  • IL

What clinic is Suzanne LaCava, RN affiliated with?

Suzanne LaCava, RN is affiliated with The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine in
  • Saint Charles
  • IL

Does Suzanne LaCava, RN offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Suzanne LaCava, RN offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in
  • Saint Charles
  • IL

The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine

The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine
Category: IL
Welcome to the La Cava Center! We're a heart centered integrative medical practice. We believe medicine is a calling. If you're feeling less than your best there's a good chance you have inflammation going on somewhere in your body. We locate the precise areas of inflammation you personally have going on and then we go to work eradicating inflammation to get you back to feeling your best. Lyme Disease Often called “The Great Imitator,” the symptoms of Lyme mimic many other diseases. Patients with Lyme disease are frequently misdiagnosed and therefore, mistreated. We have also seen many cases of false negatives in lab testing. As specialist in treating this often-misunderstood disease, we work with a proven lab and implement effective treatments. Mold Exposure Exposure to...


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Suzanne LaCava, RN
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I absolutely love the LaCava center and the staff!
When I started as a patient my entire body had crashed. Dr LaCava along with Suzanna and their team started to reset my body by Carefully,kindly and skillfully resetting my whole system.Within weeks I feel stronger and healthy than I have in years!
I couldn’t recommend them more highly on every level!
All I can say is THANK YOU!
Ive never felt so secure,cared for and loved in my life when it comes to my physical wellbeing.

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I have been to several doctors looking for a team that would be able to support me in a wholistic way for weight loss and overall physical health. The La Cava Center offers excellence in every way- from the welcome received at reception, to the thorough assessment of what is going on in the body as a whole, to nutritional advisement and support, and the whole team coming alongside you to help you reach your goals. I have made great progress and I have great confidence there are many more celebrations to come!

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I'm so glad I found LaCava Ctr. They helped me get my health back after trying numerous other doctors and services. They diagnosed correctly and implented a treatment plan to grt me back to superior health.

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Lyme Literate Doctor

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